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The Smooth Jive Consultants pride themselves on being the most versatile wedding and functions band on the Sydney scene. SJC can provide a rocking party vibe, a smooth jazz groove or a chilled acoustic set, or all 3 in the same night. In fact, this is what the SJC does best – adapt their sound to the needs of you, the client! Having made their mark as an in-demand wedding band, SJC can also rock out a club on a Saturday night or set the mood for a Sunday afternoon cruise around the harbour. SJC can also adapt themselves into a smaller 3, 4, or 5 piece ensemble if budget is an issue. Get in touch via our contact page to find out what the SJC crew can do for you!


The Smooth Jive Consultants have been performing together for over 10 years, having performed for hundreds of different events, weddings and corporate functions. Playing frequently at Sydney’s top function venues, for some of Sydney’s most prestigious  corporate clientelle, the Smooth Jive Consultants never fail to deliver.

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One of our band members Dave Bleier gives you a little run down about the band. Click the play button below.

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Dave Bleier

Lead Vocals, Backings Vocals, Hand Percussion

Dave got his first taste of Show Business by lip-syncing to the Backstreet Boys at his school talent quest. He finished a respectable 6th. Dave decided at that moment that he wanted a career in Experience, Project and People management. Which he now has. But when he’s not doing that, he can be found jiving along to the smooth sounds of the Smooth Jive Consultants.

Cara Lee Laing

Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Tambourine

Cara enjoys singing, puppies and her new microphone. However she is in the band primarily for her tambourine skills and uncanny ability to fall off the stage at inappropriate moments. While not performing, Cara is a dedicated primary school teacher.

Adam Byatt

Drums, Cymbals, Hitting Things

When not experimenting to see which shaker sounds best and collecting snare drums like shoes, Adam is a high school English teacher, corrupting the youth of tomorrow by teaching them Shakespeare. If not doing either of those he is sitting in a corner writing novels. He is a little concerned the drum chair of Smooth Jive Consultants has a Spinal Tap feel to it.

Dave Morgan

Keyboard, Guitar, Backing Vocals

The Smooth Jive Consultants have high expectations of our band members, in both quality of musicianship and professionalism. When we made the decision to expand our roster to include a keyboard player, there was only one name that came to mind. Unfortunately he wasn’t available. Enter Dave Morgan.

Stevie Dixon

Bass Guitar and Hugs

Stevie Dixon is a founding member of SJC and the best bass player in the band. Hands down. Wait, actually Dave Morgan is also pretty good.

Jeffrey Fisher

Saxophone, Egg Shaker, Backing Vocals 

Jeffrey plays a mean saxophone. I seriously wouldn’t want to bump into it in a dark alley.

Dave Russell

Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals

Dave is a founding member of SJC, having played in dozens of bands in his time. Dave works as a professional guitarist and teacher.

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Run to Paradise
Sweet Child of Mine
Can’t Take my Eyes off you
The Power of Love
All Night Long
Love Shack
Play That Funky Music

Zoot Suit Riot
Let’s Groove
Boys of Summer
It’s Raining Men
Are you Gonna be my Girl
Isn’t She Lovely
Jessie’s Girl

Hey Soul Sister
Knock on Wood
I Will Survive
F(orget) You
Summer of ’69
Walking on Sunshine

Cosmic Girl
Billie Jean
Love is in the Air
Oh What a Night
Stacy’s Mom
The Final Countdown
Haven’t Met You Yet
Jump (For My Love)
The Way You Make Me Feel